2018 CSMFO Annual Conference

Pre-Conference Training Sessions*

Separate registration required.

Pre-Conference Training Sessions*

Separate registration required. Only one session may be selected.

Pre-Conference Training Registration

Pre-Conference A

Successful Leadership Skills for Finance Directors

Session Type: Leadership and Management
Includes materials and lunch
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

We’ve all heard that leaders are born, not made – but that was long ago dispelled as a management myth. Instead, being a successful leader means acquiring and practicing the skills necessary to achieve that goal. This session will begin with an introduction to “The Successful Leader,” including an exercise to help participants begin to identify those things that make a finance director a successful leader. Management and leadership are really two sides of the same organization, and it is important to understand what supervisors/managers do, versus what leaders do.

This session will provide participants with the tools necessary to identify key finance director leadership roles/responsibilities, tasks, and needed skills. Using that information, each participant will then develop his/her own leadership style and theme. Strong leaders also make good use of effective delegation and accountability systems to build and motivate successful finance department teams. Finally, the day will conclude with a summary and review of key concepts and on-the-job applications. This is a leadership seminar you will not want to miss!

Speaker: Neil Kupchin, Management and Training Consultant


Pre-Conference B

Mission Critical – Getting Through a Successful ERP Implementation

Session Type: Innovation & IT
Includes materials and lunch
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Government leaders are trying to make sense of the constant changes in the world of technology. Enterprise Resource Systems, or ERPs, are some of the most complicated and difficult technologies to implement. The mixture of constant change and much needed ERP technologies creates a perfect opportunity to work collaboratively to ensure successful implementations. This day-long workshop will focus on every aspect of what it takes to successfully implement an ERP in your organization. The day will begin with a 2-hour session on the selection/procurement process. The next 2 hours will focus on implementation best practices, and the final 2 hours will highlight best practices/lessons learned from a panel of your peers. If you or your colleagues are venturing down the road of a new ERP, then this is a must-attend daylong event.

Speakers: Phil Bertolini, CIO/Deputy County Executive, Oakland County, Michigan
Terry Hackelman, Managing Principal, NexLevel Information Technology, Inc.


Pre-Conference C

Rates 101: The Fundamentals of Conducting a Water and Wastewater Rates Study

Session Type: Financial Management
Includes materials and lunch
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Developing water and wastewater rates have become more challenging over the years due to the San Juan Capistrano ruling, changing regulatory requirements, public scrutiny of rate increases, and the overall reduction of water usage. This six-hour workshop is designed to inform, educate, and clarify issues, processes, and challenges associated with water and wastewater rate setting and design. The workshop will help agencies develop water and wastewater rate studies that will meet the scrutiny of the public and elected officials.

Participants will learn how to develop a financial plan based on the unique financial risks of their agencies. Participants will also learn how to equitably allocate costs to customer classes while satisfying legal requirements. Finally, participants will learn how to design defensible rates compliant with the latest legal administrative record requirements. This is a great workshop for both those who are new to the rate setting process, and experienced practitioners who need an update on the latest rate setting procedures and techniques.

Speakers: Kevin Mascaro, Director of Finance, Western Municipal Water District
Sanjay Gaur, Vice President, Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc.
Kelly J. Salt, Partner, Best Best & Krieger LLP