2020 CSMFO Annual Conference

Your CalPERS Contribution Path(ology)*

Wed, 9 Jan 2019
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Your CalPERS Contribution Path(ology)*

So you have managed to set aside funds to help address your growing CalPERS unfunded liabilities. Perhaps you even expect to be able to pay amounts above future contributions required by CalPERS. Now what? Should you pay-off certain CalPERS bases, and if so, which ones? Or perhaps you re-amortized your total unfunded liability payment? Set up a Section 115 supplemental trust? If the money eventually goes to CalPERS, why not just send it there first? If you set up the trust, should you have a policy to eventually move that money out of the trust? There are many options and paths to consider when accelerating your CalPERS funding. This session will provide various options currently available and provide sample analytical measurements to many of these commonly asked questions, along with some guidance on which option might be best for your agency.


  • David Persselin, Finance Director/Treasurer, City of Fremont
  • Mary Beth Redding, Vice President, Bartel Associates LLC