2022 CSMFO Annual Conference

Scholarship Opportunities



From December 18th until January 15th the First-Time Attendee & Financial Hardship scholarships will be a full discount.

The CSMFO Annual Conference is an outstanding opportunity for education, networking, and professional growth. The three categories for scholarship are as follows:

Students: Attending the CSMFO Annual Conference as a student provides a unique opportunity to meet current leaders across California that are working to shape policies and best practices for municipal finance. To encourage students to participate in this opportunity, the CSMFO Board of Directors is introducing the Student Attendee Scholarship for the 2021 Annual Conference.

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First-Time Attendees: Scholarships will be awarded to the first 25 applicants. Additional applicants will be added to a wait-list based on the order in which the applications are received. Additional scholarships may be granted at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee depending on funding available. If you have attended an annual conference before but are seeking financial assistance, please use the scholarship application for Financial Hardship.

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Financial Hardships: Financial Hardship scholarships will be awarded to 25 applicants on a case-by-case basis. Priority for receiving a scholarship will be given to first-time conference attendees. Additional applications will be added to a waitlist in the event a spot or additional funding becomes available. The application period may be extended at the Scholarship Committee’s discretion, if all the scholarships have not been awarded.

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