2022 CSMFO Annual Conference

Scholarship Opportunities

Are you an active government member of CSMFO, but are unable to attend the conference because of your agency’s limited budget?

Do you only have funding for one staff member to attend the conference but want others to have the experience?  Do you have staff that have not yet joined CSMFO or attended a conference, and you’d like to see them join and participate?  Are you a current college student interested in the government finance sector?  If so, we would like for you or your staff to join us at the 2022 Annual Conference in San Diego!

CSMFO’s Board of Directors has set aside 40 scholarships for situations like yours, as well as 20 scholarships for students.  Two criteria must be met to qualify for the scholarship, which will cover your conference fee.  To qualify you must:

  • Already be/or become a member of CSMFO, and
  • Attending your first CSMFO Annual Conference.

Meet the qualifications?  Submit the online scholarship form that is under the conference attendee registration tab on the conference website.  Because we are also offering a virtual component to our conference on March 16-23, you might be interested in the virtual conference instead of the live conference.  Or if you do not receive one of the scholarships for the in-person conference but would accept one for the virtual conference.  If either of these apply to you, please check the appropriate boxes on the application.

Your application will be reviewed, and a decision will be made by December 17, 2021.  If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive confirmation by email.

Application must be completed by December 13, 2021.

If there are any questions, please contact Kofi Antobam, Director of Administrative Services, kofia@RanchoMirageCA.gov

Scholarship Forms: