2022 CSMFO Annual Conference

Thursday Night Event

Thursday Night Dinner Show and Late-Night Comedy

Flamingo Lawn, Golden State Ballroom, Lapper

6:00 pm – 12 Midnight

Close out an amazing week with us at our hosted retro extravaganza! Join together for our last night on the lawn and in the private dining room as we say farewell.  Meet up with other CSMFO colleagues on the Flamingo Lawn at 6:00 pm for cocktails, appetizers, music, and lawn games.  At 7:00 pm we’ll move inside for a plated dinner and a show hosted by MC, comedian Chris Strait.  Listen to upbeat music from the Mighty Untouchables, be a part of the magic with Rick Smith, Jr., and close out the night with comedy and dancing!

Main Acts

Rick Smith Jr.

A true “Jack of all trades” performer, Rick Smith Jr. has amazed audiences around the world with trademark card throwing and stage shows with unbelievable feats of mentalism. Rick’s holds THREE Guinness World Records for throwing a playing card the furthest, the highest, and most accurately too! His recent appearance on the popular YouTube channel, Dude Perfect, went viral hitting over 49 million views.  His charming wit and infectious personality have brought him onto the national stages of The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and America’s Got Talent.


These supreme entertainers perform throughout the world with their extensive and diverse repertoire. The Mighty Untouchables offer everything from Motown to classic rock, along with Latin, country, pop, and more. Having earned a superior reputation with brands like Apple, NBC, Microsoft, AT&T, and Toyota, these talented professionals will work to keep you dancing all night!

Chris Strait

What is your favorite comedy style: storyteller or one-liners? If you said both, Chris is your kind of comic!  Chris has been referred to as a “comic encyclopedia” as well as a social commentator.  Chris grew up in a traditional middle-class white family in Los Angeles, where he eventually received a bachelor’s degree in history, followed by a master’s degree in psychology.